Home remedies for removing paint over glass

Home renovation and decoration requires lots of planning. It happens quite often, when you paint your home, you find the stains of paints all over. Especially windows and glass paintings are the one which have this stain marks.   Sometimes removing paint becomes very difficult if not identified in early stage. Great painting and old antics require a lot of care.

How to remove paint from glass

How to remove paint from glass?

  • Step 1: Most of the paints get removed from the products that are regularly used in house hold. If it is a latex paint or water paint then using hot soapy water can help you get rid of the paint stains.
  • Step 2: if the paint has dried up, then use single bladed glass scraper or razor to remove the dried part of the paint from the glass.
  • Step 3: while dealing with great painting, keep in mind that they are old one and any mistake may destroy the art. Use single edge razor blade and dip it in soap water. Soap water helps the razor to run smoothly on the surface of the glass without causing any scratch. Remember do not over dip, as this can mix with the inner painting smudge the area.
  • Step 4: use paint thinner, this will help to remove the paint from the glass without causing any damage. These paint thinners do not produce fumes and are best choice to be applied in case of stains on glass of windows.
  • Step 5: A simple washing can also help you to get rid of the paints if not baked for too long. Certain paints even after getting dried are easy to remove with water. They form a smear and can be cleared by wiping with a dry cloth.

Merry Morud – who has written posts on Keep Your Home Modernizing.